Engineering Construction Pro /
Equipment Pro

  • Production, manufacturing and repair of industrial and technological equipment
  • Manufacture of metal structures and containers
  • Design engineering

«Engineering Construction Pro» и «Equipment Pro» - are a fusion of experience, practice, innovative technical solutions, modern management and marketing.

Participation of our specialists in the implementation of the largest projects, such as:

About Us

The operation base of the companies is located on the territory of Bishkek Experimental Mechanical Plant OJSC (BOEMZ) in the eastern industrial zone of Bishkek. The companies have an extensive base of metalworking machines and equipment. The technical and human potential of our team allows us to quickly and efficiently solve complex and non-standard technological problems.

Our specialists develop engineering design documentation, as well as documentation regulating the technological processes

Possibilities to perform a closed cycle of production with output of high-quality final products meeting all requirements of State Standards are available.


«Engineering Construction Pro» offers such
types of metal processing, such as:

  • Turning work
  • milling work
  • gear-milling work
  • coordinate
  • boring works
  • tool grinding
  • grinding

«Equipment Pro» - company specializes in the production, repair and maintenance of industrial and technical equipment. Among our current and potential Customers are mining companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, farms and other agricultural enterprises.

«Engineering Construction Pro» specializes in the manufacture of metal structures and containers of various complexity.

  • thermal treatment
  • galvanizing
  • plasma cutting

In addition, all types of welding work are performed, , namely:

gas welding

electric arc welding

semi-automatic welding

argon arc welding

We manufacture:

Metal structures

(columns, beams and more)


(for fuel and lubricants, gas storage holder, silos, storage bins, containers)


(conveyor-type, conveyor lines, blending machines, packers, cylinder driers, thermo-tunnels, dissolving vats, extruding machines, feeding mechanisms, screens)

Manufacturing complexes

(for small and medium-sized enterprises)

Engineering design

(Designing and equipping of equipment with logical electronic circuits)


(Repair, maintenance of mining equipment, crushing and screening facilities)


(Repair, manufacture of excavator buckets, loaders, bulldozer buckets)

Repair of tank trucks

(Repair, manufacture of tanks for gasoline, cement trucks, tonars and dump truck bodies)


(Manufacture of gears, pinion shafts, pinion blocks)

Non-standard equipment

(Manufacture of non-standard industrial equipment)


(Manufacture of parts, units, screws, mechanisms according to the Customer's layout)

Crusher repair

Repair of crushers (jaw crushers, hummer crushers, cone crushers, rotary crushers)

Technical maintenance

(We carry out maintenance service of the equipment of the mining enterprises)

Technical Maintenance Offer

(We offer technical maintenance of the equipment of the enterprises, including mining, on a long-term contractual basis)

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Highly qualified engineers and proficient machine operators form the basis of our team. The idea of creating a company uniting experienced professionals and young, talented specialists was born and implemented due to the enthusiasm and energy of people who are not indifferent to the industrial development of our republic.

The main criteria for creating a team were:
  • - proficiency;
  • - honesty;
  • - integrity;

The implementation of numerous projects of various scales has shown the presence of a powerful technological potential and gave impetus to the creation of companies and further work under new brands.

In the Kyrgyz Republic we are well acquainted with the needs and peculiarities of the market and therefore we can responsibly state that such a range of services can be provided by very few people. Importantly, we take into account the price, speed and quality of work and final products.





Our design engineers work with Auto CAD and Invertor programs to provide the highest technological level of drawings and calculations. We produce working designs, including part of the MS (Metal Structures) and MSD (Metal Structures Detailing), mounting and installation diagrams for our production lines and complexes. At the customer's request, our products undergo flaw detection of welds..

Our partners

Engineering Construction Pro and Equipment Pro companies are partners and dealers of the Companies which occupy leading positions in the market of industrial equipment production.

GELEN MAKINA A.S. – a company producing mining, road, construction machinery and equipment.

ALTAYSTROYMASH JSC - construction machinery plant.

PROM A-URAL Company - manufacture of equipment for production automation.

DIOXIDE – a company producing cryogenic and carbon dioxide equipment and industrial gases.

About cooperation
with us.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you, regardless of Нour needs for our products. Manufacturing a farmer's fodder grinder or a container for a private entrepreneur is as important to us as manufacturing industrial and technological complexes for large companies and corporations. We are always guided by three principles - competence, efficiency and quality.

Competence in finding and making decisions. Efficiency in the implementation of optimal solutions. Quality in provided services and products.

It's no secret that we're interested in long-term partnerships. Qualification of our specialists and our technical potential allows us to provide maintenance of technologically complicated enterprises, including the mining industry.

Want to know more about cooperation with us?

Download the Word document, which contains more detailed information about the conditions of long-term cooperation and why it is profitable to work with us!


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